Ready Sit Go Guarantee

There is yet to be a dog that I can not fix!

I am so confident that you will get the results that you are looking for. I provide a lifetime of ongoing service as needed. If you need help I offer it at no additional cost. If you do the work, I will help you for as long as needed at no extra cost!

I DO NOT void my guarantee if you are not being 100% consistent at investing daily training time. I realize that life happens. I don’t expect perfection, I focus on progression.

If you do the Boot Camp Program I am so confident you’ll love your results.  If your dog goes through our boot camp, and the results aren’t what you wanted I will work more with you and your dog at no additional costs.

Professional Trainer

This is not my part time job. I have dedicated my live to training dogs. This isn’t something I am doing while waiting to become a cashiers at a big box dog store. Go ahead and ask if you can see their personal dogs or if they can guarantee their training.

People Trainer

I don’t just come over and train your dog. I teach you how to train and communicate with your dog. It’s not just about commands. I teach you everything including body language and energy to communicate with your dog.

ANY dog… ANY age… ANY breed

After a couple thousand dogs, I am not surprised to often. I can fix any problem with your dog… Guaranteed

Personal Attention

At Ready Sit Go Dog Training you are just not a number. To be your trainer we have to get to know each other. You don’t have to fight traffic after a long day of work just so you and your dog will be lost in the crowd at some class.

Veteran owned small business

I grew up here, in the same community as you. I am not some giant corporation or big franchise. The “bark” stops here. We make decisions together to help out our furry friends. Decisions are not made in some think tank across the country.

I am always there for you

I am always open. You don’t have to fight traffic after a long day of work just so you and your dog will be lost in the crowd at some class. We customize our lessons to what fits in your life. Be it days, nights or weekends.


My programs range anywhere between $150 to $2600 based on how much you want to be involved with the training. I can always customize any of my programs to meet any budget

I do not have friends of family. I am always open. Be it weekends or even nights

We will go wherever your dog needs the most help. The majority of the lessons are done at the facility but we branch out as your dog needs more challenges

Yes, I have helped hundreds of human and dog aggressive dogs.

Yes, the smallest dog I have trained is 3 pounds and the largest is 186 pounds.

Yes, I can break any of the programs into monthly payments

I can take cash, credit card or check

Does your dog have some bad habits? Like, jumping on guests, pulling on a leash, unwanted barking, chewing and digging? Help is on the way!

Imagine a world where:

Your dog listens to you. The first time every time. Even around distractions.