All of your needs will be met with any of the programs. You Just have to decide how much you want to be involved

Off Leash Basics

In this program your dog will have manners on and off leash around distractions. You will see a happy, calm and in control dog as soon as the first lesson.

This program is for the family who wants to be involved with the training. I will not only be training your dog. I will be training the humans too.

  •  9 Commands
  •  3 to 5 Private Lessons
  • Unlimited Group Class for 6 months
  • Move at the humans pace


Do you want the dog you are going to tell your grandkids about? In this program you and your dog will be able to achieve that picture of the perfect dog you have always had in your mind. Imagine turning heads everywhere you go. Getting complimented on your dog’s obedience all of the time. And becoming the dog owner all of the neighbors want to be like.

In this program I become your Personal Private Dog Trainer. I work around your schedule and at the location where your dog is struggling. Be that at your house, at my state of the art facility, at the park or on a walk. I like to set the dogs up for success as much as possible so we start out with minimal distractions. Once your dog is getting the hang of things I ramp up the distractions using my own personal dogs. This way I can put your dog in those real life situations where I control everything. Setting them up for success when life does happen.

  • Unlimited commands
  • Unlimited Private Lessons
  • 1 Year of Unlimited group class
  • Move at the dogs pace

Boot Camp

In this program I do the training for you. It is perfect for the busy family or if you are going on vacation and you were planning on boarding your dog anyway. Your dog becomes a member of my pack. They sleep in my house and they do everything my personal dogs do. In this process the dogs get immersed in the lifestyle of a professional trainer. Giving your dog the very important repetitions and follow from the beginning. When I bring your dog home I become a“people trainer for dogs”. Your dog already knows everything I just have to get the humans caught up to the dog. This program also comes with UNLIMITED private one on one lessons to make your life even easier and to give you the peace of mind knowing I am here for you no matter what comes up.

  • Unlimited Commands
  • Unlimited Private Lessons
  • Unlimited group class for 1 year
  • Everything is done for you


In this handy program I do the training for you. You drop your dog off in the morning and they spend the whole day working on specific goals you have in mind. They get the professional one on one attention just like the Boot Camp Program, the only difference is your dog is home in time for dinner.

  • All day with a pro
  • Everything is done for you
  • Your dog is home for dinner
“ Many family’s try other training methods and find their goals are not met. And they have a hard time finding a training program that works. That is where our one of a kind Guarantee comes in. It puts your worries to rest knowing we will help your dog with its bad manners, Fast and For Good. ”


“I thought all hope was lost with our dog Vinny. He was very aggressive towards new people and we thought we had to put him down. After a couple of lessons Vinny became a new dog. He goes everywhere with us now.”

Tom, Vinny's Dad

“You have given me my dream dog. I always knew Stanley was a good dog, but once I was able to communicate with him he became the dog I dreamed about as a kid.”

Rachel , Stanley's Mom

“Lance literally saved my marriage. Our dog was driving us crazy. After 1 lesson our lives had changed for the better!”

Jason, Rieliy's Dad

Achieve Your Goals With Your Dog

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