Professional Dog Training Programs in Greenwood Village, CO

Could your dog benefit from training? Whether you have a new puppy or need to curb separation anxiety, professional dog training in Greenwood Village, CO, may be the solution. At Ready Sit Go, we leverage our wealth of knowledge and experience to train any type of dog through various training programs.

Greenwood Village's Best Dog Training Programs

We offer the following options for dog training in Greenwood Village, CO, and the surrounding areas:

Obedience Training

An untrained dog can be overwhelming. For example, big dogs might get loose if they pull on their leash hard enough, posing a risk to others or themselves. Think of us as interpreters between you and your dog, improving your ability to control them and your overall relationship.

service dog training

Service Dog Training

Service dogs are important in caring for people with disabilities or physical challenges. However, service dogs require extensive training to do their job safely, consistently, and without distraction. Throughout our program, your future service dog will learn everything from public manners to task-specific skills.

Therapy Dog Training

While a therapy dog doesn’t require the same level of training as a service dog, they must act professionally and accomplish the tasks you need them for. After training, you can take your therapy dog everywhere and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’ll remain well-behaved.

Separation Anxiety Training

Separation anxiety and destructive behaviors often go hand in hand. An anxious dog frequently chews up the home, requiring significant expense to replace what they destroyed. We use positive reinforcement and systematic desensitization to help your dog overcome their anxiety so you feel comfortable leaving them home alone while you work.

Off-Leash Training

Allowing your dog to go off leash where appropriate can enhance their ability to exercise and leave them happy and mentally engaged with their surroundings. However, an off-leash untrained dog can hurt themselves or others if they can’t obey essential commands. We create a personalized training program tailored to your dog’s temperament to produce the best results, allowing you to let them remain off-leash confidently.

Dog Socialization

One important part of our dog training in Greenwood Village, CO, is socializing your dog. A poorly socialized dog can act aggressively toward other pets because they may feel anxious or unsafe. When we socialize your dog, you can confidently bring them to the dog park or playdates without worrying they’ll cause a problem.

Dog Behavior Modification

Behavior modification can reduce unwanted behaviors in your dog, such as chewing, barking, or digging. It takes time and dedication, but with our guidance, we’ll eliminate those detrimental habits. We offer a high level of support throughout the process.

Dog Training Classes

We provide classes that are fun and engaging for dogs and owners alike. Whether you’re a new owner or you’ve spent a decade building a relationship with your pet, our classes work for all experience levels and dog breeds. Our classes accomplish everything from polishing your dog’s obedience to teaching new tricks.

Dog Trick Training

Speaking of tricks, they’re vital to keeping your dog’s mind healthy and help you maintain a quality relationship. They also strengthen the trust you already share. From commands like “sit” to jumping through hoops, we’ll teach your dog the tricks they love most.

Reactive Training

Reactivity refers to your dog’s excessive response to certain triggers like a knock at the door, a passing car, or another dog. This reaction may include barking, lunging, growling, or even snapping and can seriously impair your dog’s quality of life. We use classic training techniques like positive reinforcement to mitigate or eliminate these behaviors.

Crate Training

When your dog feels comfortable in a crate, they have a secure place to relax whenever it feels appropriate to keep them calmy secluded, such as during a birthday party or other high-energy event where they might prove a distraction (or get too riled up themselves). We can expertly train your dog to respond positively to their crate.

Puppy Training

The earlier you train your dog, the better. If you have a new puppy at home, let us train them and set them up for success. Get your puppy started off on the right paw in Greenwood Village today!

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“There aren’t enough stars! Lance is amazing! Not only does his program work, he makes training fun and accessible. ”
“Very thankful for Lance and his training. He has been so patient with our high energy dog. I was to the point where I could not walk our dog as he would just pull on his leash. Now, we can go on family walks ”
“Hands down, Lance is the best dog trainer in Denver. ”
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