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“Lance is absolutely amazing. We tried two other dog trainers with what we thought was an untrainable Viszla. After two weeks with Lance he became so well-behaved people would stop us just to say what a good dog he was. He is so much happier and more settled now because he knows what is expected of him. In the past 2 years he has trained two more of our dogs, and he was very fair with what each dog needed, never “overselling” us on dog obedience training, and never giving up until he felt confident that the dog was ready to be his best at home. The best part is he continues working with your dog in your home, so your dog learns your expectations where it matters. We have recommended Lance countless times. He’s the real life dog whisperer!”

“Our inquiry to Lance Stanley at Ready Sit Go dog training was not because we have a difficult dog. My husband and I recently adopted a sweet, young Lab mix Ellie who just needed help with learning boundaries and life in a home. We were given his name from a friend who used his company to rectify some of her dog’s bad behavior. During the initial meeting with Lance, we knew we had found the perfect dog trainer. (We wish we had found Lance a long time ago with our other Labs.) He listened to our story and our needs, was confident he could help us, and made us feel comfortable from the beginning that we could trust him with our new little girl. We chose the option to board and train with Lance. We knew this was our right choice as we did not have much luck in the past with other trainers in a weekly training session setting. I still remember the day our new little girl happily trotted off with Lance for her 3 week “vacation”. And she returned to us just as happy as she left – and even proud of her little self! Lance kept us up to date on her learning and obedience training with photos and text – even the new friends she met at his house too. We enjoyed learning that she was doing well and her setbacks too. Oh she will be easy he said…she seems so sweet he said…Not. When the day came that she completed her board and train, Lance worked with us on the new commands and made sure we were comfortable with the words, tone, and timeliness of our corrections. Lance taught her all the commands for her to become the perfect little mannered girl, along with multiple follow up training sessions. Seeing how Ellie has blossomed and so well behaved and happy (don’t get me wrong she always has her puppy moments too), we couldn’t be more happy that we trained with Lance Stanley at Ready Sit Go. From our past dog training experiences, Lance does not disappoint. Lance is a lifetime trainer to his clients and he will be to us for all our future dogs as well. Now going to group dog training classes and seeing Lance work with all the different dogs, I am very impressed with his ability to not only understand dog behavior and to also train dogs in such a confident manner. Lance deals with a variety of dogs and behaviors, from small to large breeds and with extreme issues.”

“Lance, the owner of Ready Sit Go Dog Training, has been great with training our Cattle Dog Mix, Ringo! He personalizes the training for your dog and uses a multi-dimensional approach to solving any behavioral problems your dog may be having. We are so happy we made the investment in our dog to be trained by Lance! Ringo is always getting compliments on his good behavior when we go out, it’s really cool! Our only regret is that we didn’t hire him to train our previous dogs. We highly recommend him!!”

“We LOVE Lance! We hired him to work with our 5 year pitbull at the time, he is such a great dog but he would get really excited and hyper when he saw other dogs, although we knew he was nice it was scary for other people. Lance helped us train him to avoid other dogs, teaching commands that carry on with him and us as he grows. We now live in Florida and our dog is still listening to us and avoids other dogs! If you are looking for a dog trainer that really listens to your needs and understands your dog you should give Ready Sit Go Dog Training a call! You won’t be disappointed!”

“Trusting my male Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Yogi, to Lance Stanley for a ten day boarded training session has proven invaluable. I now live on 75 acres of forest in Vermont and I always allow Yogi off leash. He wears his collar and no matter what the distraction, he stops in his tracks and returns to me when I ask. He sits when people come over and he “waits” when I ask him to stop on the trail. I let him sniff and do dog stuff, but when I want to continue the hike, “let’s go” gets him going all the time. I don’t even use the collar for some commands, except for refreshers, and commands only require the vibrate button most of the time. This was a very worthwhile investment. Even after I moved to Vermont, Lance communicated with me about how to collar-train my other Swissies.”

“Lance helped us get control of our two crazy Vizslas. They spent two weeks with him and came back new dogs. They are fun to take on walks, our two boys can control them, they have a list of commands that they respond to, and they love Lance! We continue to work with Lance at group classes and our dogs will take the Canine Good Citizen Test soon. He will give your dog a nickname and love on them like they are his own. We wanted to get control of our dogs on and off leash, and Lance helped us with that as well as so many other things.”

“Cocoa was violent toward other dogs and just didn’t mind. After Lance worked with her in his residential program she is awesome. Just as Lance promised, Cocoa 2.0. All her personality is intact, she just minds and mostly ignores other dogs. We can go to the dog park and she even finds favorites to play with”

“We came to Lance and Ready Sit Go because we wanted a truly portable dog. Not like the kind you carry in purse, but a 50-60 lb dog that goes everywhere with us and behaves; the kind of dog that people are amazed at because of his manners. We have that dog thanks to Lance. Everything about his training is wonderful. This isn’t a training that will change the goofy personality you love in your dog, it’s more like you both learn a new language and you can communicate. Lance is a true professional and the kind of guy you just want to sit and talk with. He loves dogs and loves helping you love your dog more. If you think you love your dog now, just wait until you spend some time with Lance and the training, you’ll have a whole new relationship with your 4 legged friend.”

“Lance has been a serious lifesaver for us and our then-puppy Winston. The confidence that comes with having a well-trained dog is like no other. I recommend Lance to anyone and everyone who owns a dog. I promise – you won’t regret it.”

“Private lessons with Lance has hands down been the best money we’ve ever spent for our 4 year old Shepard mix and 1.5 year old Husky pup! He really took the time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. This gave us a great piece of mind and truly helped us learn how to help our dogs learn. He is a phenomenal resource and not only answered questions during the lessons, but was always available for the questions that inevitably came up after he had left. Lance’s lessons are not a one size fits all so he was able to cater his lessons so each dog got to learn in the way best for them individually. We now feel confident that our pups will behave well on or off leash and we get compliments about their great behavior everywhere we go!”

“We were always told that our coonhound, Samson, would never be off a leash and would only ever think with his nose. Our doggy daycare, U Lucky Dog, recommended Lance and we started private lessons right away. Our lives changed drastically (for the better!) We learned so much from Lance and now we can hike with Samson off leash and take him for walks without him pulling our arm off. Best money ever spent!”

“Lance is Amazing! We thought our 95 lb 1-1/2 year old Bulldog / Mastiff mix was untrainable. Lance changed him into the best dog ever. Our dog Seriously went from not being able to walk past other dogs or small children to not even wanting to pay attention to them. Lance is a dog whisperer for sure! He makes it look easy and we are forever grateful”

“I have a very cute but very stubborn terrier. Tried 2 trainers before calling Ready Sit Go. Lance did in Home training with us and has been great. He really cares about the dogs and is an excellent trainer! I don’t know what we would have done without him. Crosby is a much better behaved boy and we are a happy family.”

“Lance Stanley of Ready Sit Go is absolutely amazing with dogs! My dogs, Lily (Newfoundland) and Buddy (Golden Retriever) did the doggy boot camp with him. After just two weeks they are completely different dogs. Lily is calm, follows directions well and walks off leash. Buddy’s anxiety has lessened greatly and he’s able to walk off leash as well. We are looking forward to going on long walks and hikes with them!”

“Lance with Ready Sit Go dog training did miracles training us and our rescue dog Lola! She is such a sweet chocolate lab but had severe anxiety issues with other dogs and riding in the car as well as separation issues. Because of our training with Lance I can truly say, “She is one of best dogs ever!” If you are looking for a very qualified dog trainer Lance will make a huge difference! Without his help we may not have been able to keep Lola. Thanks Lance!”

“Lance did a fantastic job with our Airedale. He was able to prepare our dog to get his CGC and CGC Advanced certifications. He is the best, caring, patient and professional. I will never go to another trainer! I highly recommend Lance.”

“Lance is great private dog trainer! He did so well with our dog (mix pug/Aussie) down here in the Springs, our daughter in Castle Rock used him to train her GSD (including certifying the dog as an emotional companion canine). He is the REAL DEAL!”

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“Lance literally saved my marriage and my dogs life all at once. I do not know what I would have done without him!”


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