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Dog Skills 98%
People Skills 95%
Cooking Skills 54%
Response Time 92%
Strength 65%
Punctuality 93%
Organizational Skills 89%
Handsomness 54%
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Right after 9/11 I joined the Marine Corps. It was the best decision I have ever made. I got to travel around the world with my best friends. In doing so, I learned a very special set of skills that I can share with you, that you can apply to your dog to make your life so much easier.

The skills I learned in the Marine Corps can help you and your dog

In the Marine Corps, everything is planed out and down to the very last detail.

The Day Dream Dog In Minutes Makeover is built the same way.

You and your dog will go through a customized and time proven system that is easy and works super fast.

The Man The Myth The Legend
Here Is My Origin Story

My name is Lance Stanley, I am the inventor of The Dream Dog In Minutes Makeover. I have the privilege and honor of working with my best friends every day.

Let’s be honest, I don’t speak dog, but I have furry friends who are fluent in both dog and human. They make my job easier and rewarding. I have dedicated my life to training dogs and here is the little story that has put me on this amazing and rewarding journey. My first exposure to dogs and the amazing things they do was in the strangest of places.

I was a Marine before I became a professional dog trainer. While in Iraq I was able to watch these amazing dogs save lives and bring Americans home.

I will never forget the day that changed my life forever…

Now, this is not one of those sad or scary war stories… It is a story about me being bored one day and how that changed the path of my life forever.

While in the Marine Corps you learn to hurry up and wait. Believe me, we were also in a hurry so we always ended up waiting. One day I was bored out my mind when I saw a Military working dog walking through the compound. They were walking right towards me and I am not going to lie, this dog was intimidating. The handler and I started talking and he wanted to know if I wanted to “Have some fun”.

I was so bored I said “let’s do it” right away. With a smile the handler said “Great… start running… I am going to send my dog after you!” At this point, I knew I should probably go clean my weapon instead and I started to hesitate. The guy said “Don’t worry… I will call him off right before he bites you.

There is a saying... it goes "A Board Marine is a Marine who is about to get into trouble". I took my blouse off and started to run. No joke he sent that fur missile right after me. I turned around and he was gaining ground on me by the second. I have never seen anything move that fast before. I closed my eyes and expected to lose an arm or at least a leg. But all I felt was a cold nose just barley touch my arm. The handler was able to call him off... in mid air... from 100 yards away.

I could not believe my eyes. How could this human have so much control of animal so far away from him?

I was always amazed by the control the handlers had over the military working dogs. The experiences I had overseas really stuck with me. When I got home I wanted the same control and lifelong bond with my own dog. I became obsessed with how to communicate and train dogs. Once I was able to train my own dog I couldn’t stop there. I started training every dog I could get my hands on. I truly am blessed to turn my passion into a career. Over the last decade, I have helped thousands of dogs and the humans they love.

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