Unlock The Secrets To Trust Your Dog And Train Them Like A Pro

Can You Trust Your Dog?

I mean, REALLY TRUST them in these types of situations…

Are you living your best dream life ever with your dog?
Or do you sometimes live with a Feral Dingo?
Are you currently living in this Nightmare?

Leash Pulling

Are your peaceful strolls turning into a tug-of-war match? Your arm stretched to its limits, your shoulder protesting with each pull, and the embarrassment as your dog drags you around like they're in a race at the Furry Scurry.

It's not just a walk anymore; it's a struggle for control.

Let me be the game-changer you didn't know you needed. It's not just about the walk; it's about reclaiming the serenity of your outdoor time. Say goodbye to sore arms, frustrated sighs, and the disheartening feeling that your dog is the one taking you for a walk.


You're trying to enjoy a peaceful moment, whether it's a quiet evening at home or relaxing outdoors. But your dog has other plans—they've become the neighborhood's unofficial alarm system. The incessant barking pierces through your attempts at tranquility, making it impossible to concentrate, have a conversation, or just unwind. The glares from neighbors and the gnawing worry about disturbing the peace are like a constant background noise.

It's not just about the noise; it's about the strain it puts on your sanity and the harmony of your surroundings.

I can bring peace back into your life, creating a haven of calm where barks are a thing of the past. You will have the ability to turn the barking on and off, just like a lightswitch.

Selective Listener

Do you call your dog's name with increasing urgency, but it's like they've entered a parallel universe where your voice doesn't exist? The eye contact you trained so hard for? Gone. Commands you practiced tirelessly? Ignored. Your dog becomes a free spirit, and you're left standing there, the invisible owner.

It's not just about obedience; it's about a connection lost in the wind.

I can build the bridge that brings them back, amplifying that connection and restoring your role as the commander-in-chief of the leash-free adventure.

Jumping Up

Has your dog mastered the art of acrobatic greetings? After a long day, instead of a calm, happy welcome, you're met with a four-legged tornado of excitement. Your clothes are a playground, and your attempts to fend off the airborne paws are futile.

It's not just an inconvenience; it's a constant battle to maintain composure and avoid embarrassing situations with guests. The struggle to teach them boundaries becomes a daily challenge, leaving you yearning for a peaceful entry or a visitor-friendly home.

I can easily transform those wild greetings into a calm, controlled welcome that makes every interaction enjoyable. All of your friends will be impressed and call you “The Dog Whisperer.”

Does Your Dog Treat You Like My Ex-Girlfriend?
Did They Make You Fall In Love With Them, And Now They Are Driving You Crazy?

Separation Anxiety

Do you have a furry friend who just can't handle being alone? As you gear up to leave, and the moment you reach for your keys or shoes, your dog's anxiety kicks in. The pleading eyes, the heartbreaking whimpers, and the desperate attempts to stop you from walking out that door—it's a heart-wrenching scene that leaves you torn between your responsibilities and their distress. The constant worry about what they might be going through in your absence, the shredded belongings, and the plaintive howls echoing in your mind.

It's not just about leaving the house; it's the guilt of leaving your best friend in a state of panic and being a prisoner in your own house.

Let me be the comforter, the assurance that eases their anxiety and allows you to step out with confidence, knowing your dog is content and secure.

Reactivity or Aggression

Are you Tired of the constant worry and embarrassment that comes with a reactive or aggressive dog? Do you get that sinking feeling as your dog lunges at others, the tense anticipation of potential conflicts during walks, and the fear that each outing could turn into a battleground? Do you feel the social isolation as you avoid public spaces, unsure of how your furry friend will react to strangers or other dogs. The judgmental glances and hushed whispers become a constant companion, eroding the joy of having a canine companion.

It's not just about the fear of a physical altercation; it's the emotional toll of constantly managing a potentially explosive situation. The strain on your relationship with your dog, the worry about the safety of others, and the yearning for a harmonious existence that seems just out of reach.

Digging and Bad Gardening

Is your furry landscaper wreaking havoc on your once-pristine yard? I can imagine the dismay as you step outside to find craters resembling a lunar landscape, flower beds turned into archaeological sites, and your favorite plants reduced to mere memories. The time and effort spent on cultivating a beautiful outdoor space obliterated by relentless digging.

It's not just about the ruined aesthetics; it's the constant battle to maintain a yard that feels like a haven instead of a construction zone.

The Blueprint can be your guardian of gardens, the barrier that transforms your outdoor space into a dog-friendly paradise without sacrificing your landscaping dreams.

Or maybe you already have your dream dog, and you are just looking for more…

If you haven't gotten the results you expected using other training methods, you know how frustrating it can be. No matter how much you ask friends for recommendations or spend hours searching Google, you may find that every training method is too complicated, takes too long, or it's just not practical for your dog.

Inconsistent Results

You've tried various training methods, but your dog's behavior remains unpredictable. One day, they're well-behaved. The next day, they're back to their old habits.

Self Study

You have read so many books and blogs that you have a Ph.D. in Dog Psychology. You've spent countless hours scouring the internet for dog training tips, only to be overwhelmed by conflicting advice. The information overload is leaving you confused and frustrated.

Treats and Tricks

You've relied on treats and tricks, hoping they would be the magic solution. However, your dog's behavior hasn't changed in the long run, and you're left wondering if there's a more effective approach.

Failed Group Classes

You've invested time and money in group training classes, only to find that your dog gets distracted easily or doesn't respond well to the generic techniques taught in a group setting.

Time-Consuming Methods

The training methods you've tried seem to require more time than you can realistically commit. Juggling work, family, and personal life leaves little room for lengthy training sessions that may or may not yield results.

You've reached a point where you're frustrated and feeling helpless. You love your dog, but the constant challenges in training are straining the bond between you and your furry friend.

How much easier would your life be if your dog listened to you and you could actually trust them?

Everything you need to train the dog of your dreams is right here. This was made for YOU! It has taken me 20 years to collect every bog training technique in existence. I then matched it with carefully designed modern training tools. I then packaged everything that busy dog owners can follow in a simple, easy-to-learn, complete system - that anyone can follow to get the dog of their dreams.

Round the Clock Training

Access to in-depth, step-by-step training with how-to videos in your custom app

Unlimited Private Lessons

You get your own personal Dog Guru with over 20 years experience with dogs just like yours

Unlimited Group Classes

You and your dog will have a blast with all of your new friends

Personal Guide

A step-by-step time-proven system already done for you

Complete Training Kit

All of the training equipment you will ever need

A Pro at Your Fingertips

You can directly message me with any questions, progress updates or to get some support

The CRAZIEST Guarantee Ever

Because this works on every dog and all of the humans love Lance

Dream Dog Blueprint Training Breakdown

Take your dog from completely untrained to 100% OFF-LEASH and Better Than a Service Dog in 6 weeks.

My ultimate goal is to give you and your dog off-leash freedom.

I’m on a mission to help as many dogs and people as possible, so I want you to have the blueprint for free.

You can check out some of the easy-to-follow videos and book completely free

I’m also pretty sure you’ll be so impressed with what I’m giving you today that you’ll want to do private lessons with me in the future.

And when you do start working with me, in order to make sure you’re completely covered and comfortable with the process. All of this comes protected by my Crazy Guarantee.

Yes, there’s a money-back guarantee!

In fact, I think it’s…

The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The History of the World

It is called My 110% Crazy Guarantee

In just a matter of weeks, you’ll either be thrilled with the transformed new version of your dog.

Or, you will receive 

I am very confident in my Crazy Guarantee because this way of training works on every dog I’ve worked with, and all of the humans end up loving it too…

Listen up, dog lovers! I need you to hear this: there’s nothing out there like this course. No rehashed old info, no boring lectures, just pure, revolutionary dog-training magic.

This is the real deal, folks. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it actually works. No more leash-pulling, no more barking fits, just pure, unadulterated doggo joy.

Imagine taking back your life and having the perfect dog by your side. It’s not a pipe dream anymore, my friend. This course is your roadmap to a future filled with endless walks, playful sessions, and a bond stronger than a Squad of Marines.

Seriously, this is the only course you’ll ever need. Whether you’re a first-time owner or a seasoned pro, this course has something for everyone. So, ditch the dog struggles and start living the dream.

You’ve Got an Important Decision to Make. You’ve got three options…

Don't let another stressful day go by, and become the Hero your dog needs…

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