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Hello Fellow Denver Dog Owners..

Most people think it takes months or even years to ever trust a dog off-leash around real life distractions…

What if I told you it only takes Minutes of training to transform your dog into the one you have always dreamed of?

This is not a fantasy, it can all be yours. And it is all Guaranteed to work!

Imagine a totally customized program that has everything you will ever need to train your dog.

Imagine if, after Minutes of training your dog, You Could…

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When you made a decision to get a dog, I am pretty sure you had an idea of what your life would be like together.

You would take your buddy everywhere with you...

Your dog would listen to every command and everything would be rainbows and butterflies...

Then life happens and all of a sudden your dog is no longer a cute little puppy.

The honeymoon stage is over and your dog is driving you crazy!

Let me ask you, does ANY of this describe your dog and your relationship with your dog?

What if I told you all of your problems could be fixed FAST and SUPER EASY?

The Dream Dog In Minutes Makeover involves a system that has worked time and time again. It has worked with aggressive dogs, it has worked with timid dogs, and it especially works with happy and friendly dogs who just need better manners.

In other words, whether you’ve got the worst dog on the block or have a great friend that just needs a tune up, this dog training program has been proven to work guaranteed.

Over the last 15 Years I have been putting together some of the world’s best professional dog training techniques into one package all to provide results that other dog trainers simply aren’t delivering.

Check Out The Training Schedule… It Only Takes Minutes A Day For The Dog Of Your Dreams!

We live in Denver! We have 300 days of sunshine in one of the most beautiful settings on earth! Our backyard is PERFECT for dogs

There is not enough time in the day to do all of the cool stuff you can do with your dog. If you’re the dog owner who hasn’t been taking advantage of our amazing outdoors for months, or even years…It is not too late to have the dog of your dreams.

It only takes Minutes to have a well-trained dog who

It all sounds too good to be true, right… Well let me tell you ONE MORE THING that is completely unique about me…

I am the only dog trainer in Denver who offers a Two Part Guarantee on all of my programs.

If you are not happy… We keep going until you are happy… Or I give your money back… No questions asked.

You won’t find a single dog trainer in Denver or The World doing anything like that, or standing behind their training with a full guarantee like I do…

I have been told by everyone in the dog industry that I can not guarantee dog training. They say there are too many variables that I would have to guarantee. Stuff like: not everyone follows through on their dog’s training, every dog is different, even things like ‘they are carnivores with sharp teeth at the end of the day and you can not guarantee what they are really thinking…

I am very confident in my Two Part Guarantee because this way of training works on every dog, and all of the humans end up loving me. If you do not have the dog of your dreams, if your life is not drastically improved in just minutes, I do not want your money. I will give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings. We will shake hands and part as friends.

Improve Your Dog...
Transform Your Life...

Improve Your Dog... Transform Your Life... Guaranteed

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