Caring and Looking After an Aging Dog


Older dogs have different caring requirements as compared to younger dogs. While your dog reaches seniorhood, his basic needs, from diet to exercise may begin to change. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that they stay happy and healthy.

Here are some tips for caring and looking after an aging dog.

Keep them active

Your dog may be slowing down, but that shouldn’t stop you from providing them with enough exercise. We all know that exercise is important to keep dogs healthy. However, now that your dog is in his golden years, they may find it difficult to move around, let alone exercise. As such, it is important to choose activities that your dog is able to perform. If your dog suffers from medical conditions, time outdoors may need to be cut down.

Special accommodations for senior dogs

A lot of pet parents fail to realize this, but you need to make some adjustments as your dog ages. For instance, senior dogs who suffer from arthritis may have a hard time climbing the stairs. You can put a ramp to make it easier for them to get around. Placing rugs or carpet on hard surface flooring may also be beneficial.

Watch what they eat

Good nutrition is important at every age. At this stage, it is important to feed them with nutritious foods to keep them healthy. Since they are not as active as they used to, they may start to put on weight. As you probably know, weight gain increases the risk for health problems. Keep an eye on their diet. Also, make sure you feed them with foods that are easy to digest.

Set up regular visits to the veterinarian

Since older dogs are more likely to suffer from medical problems, we advise that you visit your veterinarian at least twice a year. Routine check-ups will help keep your dog in top shape, even as the years creep up.

Dogs are very good at hiding health problems. Once you notice that there’s something wrong with him, it might be too late. Don’t wait for your dog to get sick before scheduling an appointment with the vet.

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