Dog Bite Prevention: Tips for Parents and Dog Owners


Approximately 4.5 million people, both adults and children are bitten by dogs every year. That being said, we have to be aware of the warning signs so as to avoid being bitten.

According to a number of studies that were published in journals like the American Surgeon and Pediatrics, dog bites are not uncommon. In fact, majority of the victims are badly bitten that a hospital visit is required. Additionally, most of the injuries are in the face and neck. One study also revealed that almost 70% of the children who were killed by dogs are under the age of 10; while 22% of which are 1 year old and below.

For most people, the attack may seem out of blue but to those in the know, the signs are quite obvious. Dianne Fabretti,  a registered veterinary technician said, “We read bite reports and it seems like people don’t know the body language of animals. Also, they don’t exhibit proper behavior to the animals so the animals behave as an animal.”

In order to avoid these injuries and keep your children safe, here are 2 of the most important things that you should do.

Train the dog

If you don’t have time to train the dog yourself, take him to an obedience class. This will teach your dog to behave properly since positive reinforcement is used. Never punish your dog to teach him a lesson. Mind you, dogs that are treated this way tend to focus their aggression on weaker family members.


You should never assume that your dog would behave well while with the kids. Kids always want to be in the dog’s face. And sometimes, they get into a situation where they need to defend themselves.

Supervise your dogs, especially around children. Also, don’t allow them to kiss and hug the dog. If a visiting child is bothering your dog, it might be best to put the dog away.

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