Dog Grooming Tips You Need to Know


Regular grooming goes a long way towards keeping your dog healthy. While maintaining dog’s health is every pet owner’s goal, some people don’t have the means to bring their furry pal to a groomer regularly. As a result, pet parents decide to take a DIY approach in the grooming department.

If your dog needs a bath and a trim, but your financial situation won’t allow for professional services, there’s a good chance that their grooming experience has been pretty much limited to backyard baths and hair clippers.

Here are some grooming tips to make the process easier. These tips will help you save money while keeping your dogs looking their best

Clip those nails

If nails are too short, it can be painful for dogs; but if they are too long, it is unhealthy. If you decide to clip your dog’s nails at home, make sure that you cut a little at a time until you can see the end of the quick. Dogs can get stressed when the quick is cut. When this happens, nail trimming sessions can be anxiety inducing for the dog.

Dental hygiene is a must

Your dog can’t tell when she has a tooth ache or gum problem, so it is important that you take steps to ensure their mouth stays clean and healthy. Statistics suggests that 80% of dogs suffer from dental diseases. Unfortunately, most dog owners never take a good look inside their dog’s mouth.

Experts recommend daily brushing to prevent the tooth and gum diseases. If you can’t do that, make sure you brush their teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week. Introduce dental care while your pooch is still a puppy to make things easier for you and your dog

Keep them clean

Bathing will help keep your dog feeling and smelling fresh. It is important to bathe your dog every 2 to 4 months, unless your dog has done something to cause them to get extremely dirty. Frequent bathing may dry out their skin.

When bathing your dog, make sure you rinse them thoroughly. Shampoo that dries on your dog’s skin or coat can be irritating.

Brushing and coat care

Combing your dog’s coat regularly will keep most mats at bay. Plus, it helps keep their coat and skin looking good and healthy.

Start by brushing the hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth and then brush it               back into place. You want this to be a pleasant experience for her, so keep each session short. As you brush her fur, speak to her softly and praise her when you’re done.

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