How to Calm an Energetic Dog


All dogs are created equal, but some of them have more energy than the others. While some dogs are naturally hyper, some become like that due to boredom. Unfortunately, these dogs do not come with a snooze button. They will continue to bounce off the wall or dig holes in your backyard unless you do something to address the problem.

If you have a dog with boundless energy, there are some things you can do to tone things down a bit. Here are some suggestions.

Remain calm

We know it can be difficult to remain calm when your furry best friend is acting out or chewing everything in sight, but please try to do so.

If you become anxious, get angry or lose your temper, your dog is going to pick up that emotion and reflect it back. Remember, your dog is your mirror. Be the pack leader and try to remain calm.

Provide more exercise

If you haven’t taken your dog out for a walk for quite some time, don’t be surprised why his energy is so high. Your dog has too much energy. Without exercise, he becomes hyper or overly excited.

With a high energy dog, regular walks just won’t cut it. You need a more strenuous activity to burn up all those excess energy. Try swimming or hiking.

Play games

Hide and seek is a fun game to play with your dog. Have him sit and wait while you hide. Once you find a good hiding spot, call your dog and ask him to find you. Make it easy for your dog to find you during the first few rounds. Once he learns the game, you can hide in spots that are hard to find. Reward your dog by praising him, petting him or giving him some treats. This game will make use of your dog’s physical energy as well as his senses; thus, tiring his body and mind.

Give your dog a job

Sometimes your dog becomes hyperactive due to lack of exercise or boredom. Giving your dog a job may help your dog calm down. This will help him focus his attention on the task at hand and burn some of his excess energy in the process.


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