How to Protect Your Dogs from Fleas and Ticks


While the warm temperature has been great for getting your pets outdoors, ticks thrive better when the weather is warmer. Because of this, your dogs become more susceptible to tick bites and tick-borne diseases in spring and summer.

Ticks can cling on your dog’s fur or skin and gorge themselves on its blood. What makes the situation alarming is the fact that they transmit several diseases that can cause severe illness and even death in dogs. That said, it is important to take steps to protect your dogs against these blood-sucking parasites.

Follow the tips below to protect your pets from fleas and ticks.

Keep your dog away from tick-infested areas

Preventing tick bites is the first line of defense for keeping your pets safe. Avoid taking your dog in tick-infested areas to prevent a tick attack. Ticks usually dwell in dense and wooden vegetative areas. They would grab onto your dog’s fur as she passes by or brushes up against vegetation.

Check your dog for ticks daily

Spotting these bloodsuckers isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you may not notice them until they have already begun to feed. Examine your dog for ticks everyday during the tick season, especially if your dog spends much time outdoors. Although they latch on just about anywhere, ticks like to settle around the ears or between the toes.

Outdoor control

If you often spend time in a wooden area or leave near it, ticks are certainly a part of your world. Even if you take preventive measures, they will still get into your home if you haven’t treated your yard and other surrounding areas.

Mow the lawn frequently and clear tall grasses around the house. It is also a good idea to use tick pesticides to reduce your risk of infection.

Clean up your act

A tick could hitch a ride on you and then move on to your pet once it enters your home. That said, it is recommended that you conduct a full body tick check and examine your coats, especially after outdoor activities in grassy, leafy and woody areas. Also, don’t forget to bathe or shower to wash off ticks that are crawling on you.

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