How to Show Affection to Your Dog


Dogs need certain things to thrive. They need food, exercise, rest, vaccinations, and most importantly affection. You can buy all the material things, but love is one of the best things we can share with our pet.

Take a moment to think of how you show affection to your loved ones. We touch, kiss and hug them to show our affection. Many of us do the same to our furry friend. However, these gestures may actually feel threatening to them.

In this blog post, we offer some tips on how to show affection to your dog the right way. Read on and learn how to show your love to your pet the way he understands.

Gentle strokes

For a dog, stroking is similar to cuddling. Pet your dog with long, soft strokes along the chest and back areas. This gesture is calming and relaxing to them. Plus, it is a great way of showing your dog that you are pleased with him.

Spend time with them

You leave them for hours or even days at home, yet they still greet you with enthusiasm. Show affection by spending quality time with your dog. Take him out on a walk, play games with him or if you’re really tired, you can just sit and watch TV together.

Talk to him

It may sound silly, but dogs actually love it when you talk to them.  Speak to your dog in a calm manner. They may not be able to understand your words, but they feed off your energy and listen to the tone of your voice.

Show affection at the right time

If you want your dog to grow up with a healthy disposition, then be sure to show affection at the right time and the right amounts. Otherwise, he may think that he can get affection and approval every time he wants. It is best to show affection to your dog when he is in a calm state.

Avoid giving affection when your dog is anxious, fearful, aggressive or dominant. You may think that coddling your dog will calm him down, but this will just send him the wrong signal. The dog may think that you approve of his aggression.

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