Preparing Your Pet for Holiday Visitors


The holiday season is fun for everyone, including your pup. But if you’ll be hosting a family get together, you might want to prepare your pet for that. He may get stressed out or overwhelmed by visitors coming in and out of your home and the noisy chatter that comes with them.

Prepare your pet for the hectic holiday season by following these tips.

Put the dog on leash
If you’re unsure how your dog will react to all those guests, it is best to put him on a leash as you answer the door. You don’t want your dog to growl, snap or worse, jump on your guests. This is also very helpful for pet owners whose dog attempts to escape every time the front door opens.

Exercise is key
Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, particularly on the day of the gathering. Go for a long walk, play tug, throw a ball or walk up and down the stairs. This will help them stay a little calmer despite the noise and the flock of visitors.

Create a safe retreat for your pet
Some pets don’t do well with crowds. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a dog that won’t stop barking while entertaining guests. If you notice that your dog is getting stressed by all the visitors, it might be best to put him in a place where he feels calm and secure. You can place the dog in a quiet bedroom, in a crate or a pet bed in your main living area.

Watch your pet around kids
Kids are usually fascinated with dogs. They hug them and pet them. Unfortunately, dogs are not comfortable with humans throwing their arms around them and squeezing them. Never leave children unattended with your dog.

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