Reasons To Let Your Child Keep A Pet


Parents are often reluctant to get a pet for a variety of reasons – a lot of work has to be done to keep the pets healthy, they don’t want to clean up after them, there’s too much money involved etc. Keep in mind, though, that there are so many benefits that pets provide for kids. Not only are they wonderful friends, they also teach children many life skills.

If you are a bit hesitant about getting your kid a pet to take care of, here are a few good reasons why you should.


When a child becomes successful in raising their pet, they become proud of their accomplishments and feel good about themselves; thus, building self-confidence.


Caring for a dog teaches kids about responsibility as it trains them to care for others early in life.

Pets are dependent of their owner when it comes to feeding, grooming, exercising and others. When a child learns to take care of other creatures, they’ll be able to take better care of themselves as well.

It is important for parents to assist their children in taking care of the pets, especially when they’re still young. As they get older, you can gradually release responsibility to them.


Today, most kids spend their free time in front of the TV or playing with their iPad. Since dogs need play and exercise to stay healthy, it gives them a reason to go outdoors to play or walk the dog.

In general, families who have pets spend more time outside than those who don’t.

Relieve stress

Even children can benefit from the therapeutic effects brought about by animals. Dogs are great to have around as stress relievers as they help a child relax after a hard day or reduce stress in a nervous child.

Pet owners often turn to their dogs for comfort. They may not able to give you sound advice, but just cuddling with your dog can bring about a sense of security and safety, not only for the kids, but for the rest of the family.



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