Rules for Walking Your Dog


There are rules to abide by when taking your dog for a walk. These rules are important so as to avoid getting into problems with other animals or people we meet. Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners we have encountered seem unaware or just chose to completely ignore these rules.

Here are some basic guidelines that will make this activity more enjoyable for you, your dog and all the people around.

Know your dog

Does your dog go nuts on sight of other dogs or a squirrel? Does she bark at or try to chase skateboarders or bicyclists? Does she have issues with people in uniforms? You should know the sort of things that might put your dog in an undesired state.

Stay off the grass

That perfectly manicured lawn isn’t a good place for your dog to pee. Also, you shouldn’t allow your dog to walk on people’s garden or front lawn. Be considerate of other’s property.

So nice to meet you!

Never allow your dog to meet another dog unless both pet owners have agreed to do so. When introducing your dog to another person, have your dog sit and remain calm. Never allow your dog to approach another person unless you have the permission to do so.

Keep your beast on leash

Just because your dog is well-behaved, it doesn’t mean that you can keep him off-leash. The dog’s behavior could be unpredictable, depending on the things she encounter outside – a rushing car, another dog looking excited, a squirrel running up a tree, a darting cat across the tree.

Redirect when necessary

When encountering someone on your walk, always step to the side of the road so that your dog cannot come in contact with that person. If it is another dog, try to move as far as possible and use your body to turn your dog in the opposite direction.

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