Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Garden


Now that winter is over, you may think of the garden as the perfect place to relax. But if you are a dog owner, you might want to reconsider that. Gardens, while lovely, can harbor poisons that are dangerous for your pets. Since your dog is itching to get back outside after the long winter, you might want to take steps to create a pet-friendly garden that would allow you and your dog to enjoy your time outdoors.

Limit herbicide and pesticide use

Fertilizers and pesticides cans be poisonous to dogs. While fertilizers that do not contain herbicides and pesticides may not be harmful to your pet, some of them may contain ammonium nitrate, which could irritate their lungs and skin if ingested.

Always walk your dog in a leash when in public. Keep an eye out for manicured lawns because there’s a good chance that they have been treated with hazardous chemicals.

Select your plants carefully

If you’re considering planting flowers and vegetables in the garden, determine which plants could be toxic for your pets. Steer clear of cocoa mulch, tulips, oleander, lilies, baby’s breath and sago palm. There are also several marsh plants, wild shrubs, field herbs, vines, weeds and wildflowers that are toxic to animals.

Make solid paths

Like humans, dogs prefer to follow a path. Make the pavers more comfortable if you want them to walk on paths, instead of the garden beds. This will keep them from trying to run through your beds.

Leave some portion of your yard as grass

Most dogs love to dig. This can be a nightmare for people who like to keep their lawn manicured.

Leave some portion of your yard as grass, where they can run around. Remember that dogs need exercise to deplete their energy. Otherwise, they’ll start digging. More running, walking and playing can work wonders with certain unwanted behaviors, including digging.

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