Tips to Keep Your Dog at Ease on New Year’s Eve


When we talk about New Year’s Eve, you probably think of fun parties, fireworks and loud music. As the clock strikes 12, a lot of people will ring in the New Year with whistles, sparkling lights and banging of pots and pans. While many of us look forward to this day, this may be a precarious time for our four-legged friend.

Here’s how to keep your dog safe and at ease on New Year’s Eve.

Create a safe space

Fireworks and thunderstorm are the most common causes for pet anxiety. When dogs are nervous, they tend to retreat to a small, enclosed space. If your pet seeks comfort under the bed or in a crate, let her stay there.

If possible, keep her company during the fireworks. Ask a friend to keep your dog company if you’re not going to be home. Make the environment as relaxing as you can make it. Close the windows and the curtains to help your pets feel secure.

Play it cool

Stay calm and try to act as normally as you would. Your dog will feel more anxious if you coddle her every time a firecracker pops. Distract her by giving her new toys, playing games or playing music.

Provide plenty of exercise 

Take your dog for a long walk during the days leading up to New Year’s Eve to burn her anxious energy. Exercise is a natural sedative. When midnight strikes, she’ll be too drained to worry about all the lights, noises and activities going on outside.

Keep her indoors

Loud noise can frighten dogs and cause them to run off. It is best to keep her indoors to ensure that she does not run away. Make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag. This can be very helpful in case she gets spooked out and bolt for an open door.

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