Tips to Make Your Newly Adopted Dog Feel At Home


You visited the shelter, and you’ve located the perfect dog for your family and lifestyle. You’ve decided to adopt that dog and he’s coming home with you this afternoon. Congratulations!

Adopting a pet from a shelter is such an exciting and fulfilling experience. But without careful preparation, you could end up being frustrated with your newly adopted dog.

Make the transition easier for both of you by doing a little advance planning.

Establish house rules

Have a family meeting and set some house rules for your new dog. Hammer out the rules ahead of time to avoid arguments and confusing the pup.

Decide who’s going to be the primary caretaker. Determine where your dog will be spending most of his time. Where will she sleep? Will the dog be allowed in the bed?

Introduce the dog to the new place

So you have brought home the newest member of the family. It may seem like she’s excited as she runs from room to room, but the truth is, the poor dog has no idea where she is. The dog is confused. The place looks and smells different.

You should give her a tour of the house, but it is best to start with the room where she’ll find her food and water. The dog will feel more relaxed after she has eaten. After that, you can continue with the tour.

Introduce the dog to family members

Many adopted dogs didn’t have the chance to be socialized. Allow the dog to meet each member of the family once she arrives. But be sure to supervise the dog, especially around children. Do not kiss the dog or show affection before you’ve begun obedience training.

Start training

Training your dog should start the first moment you have him. A dog is a pack animal. She needs your guidance and leadership. Let your pet know who the boss is from the start. Remember, training is the key to a successful adoption.

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