4 Unexpected Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Dog


We know that you strive to take care of your pets and that you love them unconditionally, but there are times when we do some things that might be stressing our dogs or making them unhappy, and we don’t even realize it.

Here are 4 unexpected ways you could be making your pet’s life a living hell.

No exercise

Dogs need regular exercise. Aside from maintaining a healthy weight, exercise is important for their overall health. If you fail to walk your dog or play with them, they might develop behavioral issues such as chewing on your furniture and digging up your yard.

Dogs need to go outside, and that doesn’t mean taking her into the yard. Keep your dog active by taking her on a long walk, bringing her to the park or playing catch.

You’re using the wrong collar size

Finding the perfect collar for your dog is of great importance. Since some dogs are prone to tracheal collapse, you need to get the right type of collar or harness for your pet. Once you’ve established that, make sure that you get the right size.

You know you got the right size if you could slip one finger between the collar and the dog’s skin for a small dog, and two fingers for a big dog. If the collar is too tight, it could rub against her skin and hurt her. If it’s too loose, the dog might be able to wiggle out of her collar.

Hugging pisses your dog off

Dogs are very affectionate. They know when you’re stressed out, and would smash their face into your arms to console you. As much as we want to reciprocate the gesture, hugging or kissing should be avoided as it could annoy even the most good-natured dog.

Feeding your dog from the table

You may think that you are spoiling your dog by giving her a piece of bacon. But the truth is, human food can cause a host of problems in dogs. They are not supposed to eat a lot of fats since they do not metabolize fats like we do. Also, too much fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis.

Avoid sharing your food with your dog, unless it’s low salt and low fat.

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