5 Things Humans Do That Drive Dogs Crazy


There are a lot of ways you can drive your dogs crazy; most of which, you’re probably not aware of.

If you want to be your dog’s best friend, here are 5 bad habits you need to stop doing before they wreck your relationship.


As humans, we think of hugs as a way of expressing love and joy. However, most dogs hate hugs. If you place your arm on their back, they see it as a sign of dominance. While most dogs will tolerate this behavior, some may feel threatened or fearful and view the act of hugging as you exerting your dominance. This is often the reason why many dog bites occur.

Leaving them alone

Dogs are pack animals. They need a leader in order to feel safe and secured. While you’re at work, some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and start to act out due to stress, anxiety and boredom. This is especially true for working breeds like Terriers, Retrievers and Labradors.

Using words more than body language

Dogs don’t care much whether you speak Chinese, French or English because they don’t understand the words you say. They read your body language and sense something much deeper than the words you use.

Communicate with your body instead of your mouth. Otherwise, your dog will be scratching his head with his paw, trying to figure out what you’re trying to say.


Most people think that barking at a dog as they pass on the street is funny. It may be funny for you, but it’s not funny for them. Don’t do anything that can make a dog mad as it may lead to some behavioral issues.


You may look forward to your daily shower or bath, but your dogs find the experience uncomfortable. For them, the feeling of water blasting on their face is far from fun. Plus, they don’t understand that a bath means being clean. If your dog is fearful of bath, you have to ease them into the experience and use treats during bath time.



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