Feeding Guidelines: How Often Should You Feed Your Dog?


Dogs need sufficient nutrients to maintain and repair body tissues and meet their energy needs. As a responsible dog owner, you want to do her right. That includes ensuring that your furry ball of joy is getting the correct amount of nutrition she needs. But the question is, how often should you feed your dog?

Experts recommend that puppies less than 5 months of age be fed 3 to 4 times a day; while an adult dog be fed twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, preferably at the same time each day. If you are currently feeding your puppies twice a day, it would be a good idea to give her smaller portions and divide it into 4 small meals. Smaller meals are easier to digest. Plus, it reduces the risk of gastric upset.

While most dogs will excitedly dig in as soon as you place their feeding bowls on the floor, it is important to teach your dog to eat on schedule. Sticking to regularly-scheduled feeding times is beneficial for a few reasons. First, this will help you monitor your dog’s health. If you leave the bowl on the ground all day and allow your pet to pick on his food any time of the day, you might not notice if she is not eating well. But by sticking to a feeding schedule, you’ll immediately notice if the dog has a sudden loss of appetite. Second, it prevents unwanted house guests like mice and cockroaches from touching their food. Lastly, a dog that eats on schedule poops on schedule.

We recommend giving her last meal at around 5 pm so she has enough time to digest her food and poop before bedtime. Also, make sure that the meals are consists foods that are high in protein, calcium and calories.


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