5 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand


Owning a dog makes your life significantly better. They are an adorable creature that only cares about your well-being and touch our hearts in the most unique ways. If you own a dog, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Everything you own is covered in hair

Having a furry friend, you will constantly see dog hair on the floor, couch or practically everything you own. That being said, regular sweeping is an absolute must but we don’t mind.

They are the most dependable alarm clock

Most people use their mobile phones or alarm clock to get up in the morning. But if you have a dog, you won’t need any of that.

I have a dog that wakes me up at 8am. He stands next to my bed and stares at me at the exact same time every single day. And if that doesn’t work, he’ll be wagging his tail and make some noise. And if I’m still not out of bed by 8:15, then he’ll start pawing at me. It’s quite impressive that they’re so aware of time even if they can’t read time.

There’s nothing better than your dog welcoming you home

Even if you’ve been gone for just one day, you will always be greeted with sheer joy as if you’ve been gone for a very long time. They’ll follow you wherever you go and dance all over the place. With their enthusiastic wagging-tail greeting, you’ll definitely forget about all the stress you’ve been dealing with. The excitement they show is unmatchable.

No matter what they do, you can’t stay angry

Even if they have eaten your credit card statement, chewed on one of your favorite shoes or eaten the spines out of your books, there’s no way you can stay annoyed at them especially if they give you that endearing look.
We don’t mind their slobbering on our face

Dogs have a habit of licking things.Then, their mouth is all over your face. Who knows where their mouths have been moments before, but we don’t mind. It’s their way of connecting with us and showing their affection.

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