Dog Training Tips


Well-trained pets are easier to take care of and will cause less damage to your home. For training to be successful, it has to start as soon as you bring home the dog. The first few days are extremely important as the precedents you set during this time usually lasts a lifetime.

Here are a few tips when training your dog.

Be generous with your affection

Some people don’t have a problem relaying the message when they’re unhappy with their dogs but ignore the good stuff.

Praise and reward your dog whenever he does what you ask of him. Let him know when he’s been a good boy and make sure to give him lots of attention when he’s doing the right thing.

Teach one command at a time

When training your dog, you have to take it slow. Start with a simple trick and move on to the next one once the dog has caught on well. Also, try to keep your training sessions short, sharp and fun.

Have realistic expectations

Changing a dog’s behavior doesn’t happen overnight. You need to have realistic expectations on how long it may take to change the behaviors that you don’t like. Also, don’t expect the dog to know stuff right away. Repetition of the command is the key.

Use positive reinforcement

Do not hit! That’s the first rule of dog training. Instead, reward the dog as he learns. Positive reinforcement should be given immediately after displaying good behavior. Otherwise, the dog won’t be able to make the connection with his action.

A dog will do anything for your attention. So, teach the dog which behaviors are socially acceptable and reward him with your attention.

The idea of using treats is mostly considered as bribery. Use it to encourage the dog, not to praise him. Otherwise, the dog will only obey you when you have a treat in hand.




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