Caring for a Pregnant Dog


Having puppies is both exciting and exhausting, not only for pet owners but for the dog as well. Proper care and preparation is the key to a successful breeding process. She needs proper veterinary care, exercise routine, proper diet and a clean, quiet environment before delivering her pups.

Special care and consideration should be taken in caring and feeding for your dog. Here are some guidelines that you can follow when caring for a pregnant dog.

See your vet

Be sure to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian when the expectant mother is about 30 days pregnant. You veterinarian can help estimate the number of expected puppies, discuss any medication changes and determine the due date.

Vaccines are important as it protects the mother and her babies, but pregnant dogs should not be vaccinated. Be sure to have your pet vaccinated before breeding.


It is important that a pregnant dog gets regular exercise to keep her healthy and her muscles tone.

If your dog walks regularly before getting pregnant, we advise that you carry on exercising her during pregnancy. However, try to avoid anything too strenuous as pregnancy can be exhausting. Go on short walks and choose an appropriate time of the day for exercise, preferably early morning or mid afternoon.


Eating right will make sure that the mom-to-be and her babies are healthy. Your dog will need to be switched to a high calorie diet in order to help sustain all the growing pups in her tummy. Six weeks into her pregnancy, you should supply 10% more calories than normal. Increased fats can help satisfy the higher demand for calories.

During pregnancy, you may find that your dog is having difficulty finishing her food in one sitting. This is because the puppies are pressing against her internal organs, making her uncomfortable. We suggest that you feed her small frequent meals instead of just 1 or 2 large meals. Also, make sure she has easy access to clean, fresh drinking water.


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