Caring for Your Senior Dog


The needs of a senior dog are different from that of a younger dog. However, most owners fail to realize that their dog is aging and that they have to take measures to ensure that their pet remains comfortable during their senior years.

Here are a few changes you have to make to keep him as safe and comfortable as possible.


Just because, he’s getting old, doesn’t mean he should just stay indoors and curl up on the couch. Exercise is important to keep your dog healthy both physically and mentally. It is also an important factor in preventing health issues.

As your dog ages, it might not be a good idea to take him on a long hike. Go for a less strenuous activity. Take him out on a long walk instead.

Schedule regular visits with the veterinarian

Ideally, senior dogs should visit their vet every 6 months. At this stage, your dog is prone to many diseases and health issues. This will improve the chances of catching disease before they become big ones and will ensure that you enjoy many more golden years together.

Elevated dog bowl

Sometimes, it can be difficult for older dogs to bend over to drink or eat out of their bowls. Food and water bowls can be raised so the dog doesn’t have to put a strain on his back.

Poor vision

As sight declines, you should not rearrange furniture or make any big changes in your household environment. Also, make sure that their food and water bowls are in the same place.

If you are planning to go on vacation, it would be best to have someone look after your dog than bring him into a new environment. Blind dogs can maneuver quite well as long as they are in familiar surroundings.

Watch the dog’s weight

Extra pounds on older dogs mean more stress on their body. Plus, it increases the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and cancer.


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