Preparing Your Dog for Your NewBorn


You’ve got the crib and the play mat. You’ve set up the nursery. The baby shower was a success and your family and friends are all eager to welcome the new addition to the family.

With an event as monumental as pregnancy, your four-legged best friend has probably figured out that something is up. But that doesn’t mean that she understand what’s going on.

With proper planning and training, you can make the transition easier for all of you. Here are some tips to prepare your dog for the arrival of your new born.

Start training early

It’s never too early to begin training. Get your dog ready to accept the baby as soon as you discover that you are pregnant.

9 months is more than enough for you to smooth out any unwanted habits and work through most issues. You can also sign her up to a basic obedience class to help correct behavior issues. You will surely be grateful for taking our advice once you bring your new born home to a calm and well-behaved dog.

Create boundaries

Behavior that seems innocuous now, like jumping on you when you come in, may be an issue when you’re carrying a baby in your arms.

It is also important to establish boundaries around the nursery. Teach your dog that there is an invisible barrier that she isn’t allowed to cross without your permission. Train your dog to wait at the nursery door until she is invited in.

Don’t forget the dog

It is easy to overlook how the arrival of your newborn baby affects the dog that used to be your little bundle of joy.

A dog doesn’t need special attention, toys or treats just to feel important. You just have to keep up with your usual routine. If you have failed to take her out for a walk for more than a week, this could be confusing for her. Prepare for these changes as this is important for your dog’s successful adjustment.

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