Common Dog Behavior Problems


As a dog owner, you’re probably familiar with common dog behavior problems. Sometimes, even dogs who are always on their best behavior can suddenly exhibit these behaviors. Understanding why your dog does what he does is important so you can handle the situation appropriately.

The following are some of the most common dog behavior problems along with a few tips on how to handle these problems.


You have to remember that barking is natural for dogs. For some, it’s even quite enjoyable. But excessive barking, whining or howling can be considered as a behavior problem. Try not to yell at your dog while he’s barking as he might pick up the wrong message and may think that he should be louder.

You can control excessive barking by teaching the dog the bark/quiet commands. But before you correct barking, you have to determine why the dog is vocalizing in the first place.


Digging is a natural canine instinct that is not easy to address. Sometimes, digging may be a sign that the dog is anxious of bored. Certain breeds like Terriers are more prone to digging due to their hunting histories. So, instead of fighting him, join him.

If digging is inevitable, it might be best to select a spot in your yard and encourage your dog to focus on that area by burying something there. Instruct the dog to dig it out and praise him if he does.


Again, chewing is a natural action for all dogs. It helps keep their teeth and gums healthy.  But it can easily turn into a behavioral problem especially if the dog starts chewing things you don’t want them to chew.

Typically, dogs chew when they are nervous, bored, curious or teething. Keep your personal things away from your dogs and encourage them to chew on their toys. If you catch them chewing on your things, correct them and immediately replace it with a chew toy.




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