Reasons Why Dogs End Up In Shelters



About 5 to 7 million animals enter the shelter each year. Animal shelters are overflowing with dogs, and they need good homes. Unfortunately, 60% of dogs in shelters are euthanized simply because they are unwanted.

As dedicated pet lovers, it’s difficult for us to understand why people would abandon their dogs and leave them in a shelter. So, before you decide to bring a dog home, please take time to read this article and familiarize yourselves on the most common reasons why dogs end up in shelters.

Not enough time for a pet

Owners become too busy and realize that they don’t have time for the dog. Most of us live a busy life, and having a dog requires a huge time commitment since you have to feed, walk, groom and train the dog.

In some cases, children force their parents to get them a dog. In return, they promise to become a responsible pet owner. Eventually, the child picks up a new hobby and leaves the responsibility of taking care of the dog to their overwhelmed parents.

Lack of training

You have fallen in love with that adorable little puppy and decided to bring it home. However, you failed to realize that dogs do not come trained. Dogs need leaders who are willing to spend hours teaching them commands, setting rules, boundaries and limitations.

Behavioral issues are often caused by lack of training. So, if you want your dog to behave appropriately, you first have to spend time training it.

Owner can no longer afford the dog

A lot of people fail to take this into account when bringing home a dog. Considering how much you spend on food, grooming, toys, vaccines and vet bills, pets can be expensive. This is especially true if the dog has special needs.


A lot of dogs were brought to the shelter because they have bitten a friend or a family member. Again, this could have been prevented through proper training. If a dog exhibits aggressive behavior, you have to deal with it immediately.



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