Dog Training: The Basics of Potty Training



Just like humans, dog needs to eliminate too. However, the most frustrating part is the lack of understanding on when and where it is appropriate to do so.

Patience is the key when potty training your beloved pets. Unfortunately, they are not born with an understanding that pooping and peeing inside the house is wrong. Unless they are taught where to eliminate, they will look for a spot that is convenient for them. Check out these tips and make sure that your dog is properly potty trained.

Get a crate

If you want to teach your dog that he has to wait before he eliminates, we suggest using confinement. This can be done by purchasing a crate.

Dogs want to keep their personal space clean. So, they’ll venture away from their territory before they eliminate.  Unfortunately, most pet owners make the mistake of giving their pets too much space to wander. As a result, the dog has little incentive to wait to go outside.

Observe the 15-minute rule

Dogs are likely to eliminate within 15 minutes after they eat, drink, play or wake up. So, after any of the said activities, you should give your pet a chance to go outside or take them to the bathroom.

Dogs can also hold their bladder. One month is equivalent to 1 hour plus 1. So, if your puppy is 3 months old, he can wait for up to 3 hours. Keep in mind though, that this varies from dog to dog.

Reward a job well done

Schedule a time for bathroom break and bring your pet to the same area each time. If he goes to that spot and eliminates as planned, praise him and offer treats.  Also, you should not take them back to their confinement place immediately as they could see it as a form of punishment. Instead, allow them to play for about 10 minutes before bringing the back inside.

If the dog does not eliminate outside, calmly bring him back to his confinement area and wait for about 15 minutes. Then, bring them outdoors and try again.

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