Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy


Every dog owner wants to keep their dog happy and healthy. The key to your dog’s wellness and longevity is to make sure he is healthy and in great spirits.

Here are 4 ways to brighten your dog’s day, and possibly his whole life.

Feed him like a king

Dogs that are fed a high quality pet food ultimately have longer, healthier lives. Don’t settle for the cheapest food or whatever is on sale. Feed your dog with high quality dog food that is made by a reputable company. Remember, the wrong kind of food can cause gassiness, loose stools, ear infections, excessive shedding, hot spots and itching.

Expert veterinary care

Visiting the veterinarian and maintaining good hygiene are crucial to your dog’s health. While a visit to the vet once a year is adequate for adult dogs, it is best to schedule an appointment with your vet every six months.

Talk to your vet about how to properly clean your dog’s ears and teeth as well as the vaccinations he might need.

Play each day

Everyone knows that dogs need food, attention and medical care. Aside from that, they are also in need of ample physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Let’s face it. After a long day at work, playing with your pup is the last thing you want to do. But since you’ve been gone the entire day, your dog is now jumping all over you, asking you to play with him. By playing with your dog, you do not only meet his need for exercise, you also meet his need for play and companionship.

Banish fleas

Fleas can be a major problem for dogs and their owners. Dogs can be exposed to fleas even if they don’t leave the house. They can cause allergies and transmit tapeworms, making your dog’s life miserable. There are several ways to treat fleas. Talk to your vet about the best method for your dog’s breed.


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