Smart Tips for Travelling with Your Pets


Since most owners consider their pets a member of the family, it is expected that they’ll be a part of family vacations. In fact, studies reveal that more than half of American pet owners bring their cats or dog with them when they travel.

If you want the trip to be fun for everyone, you need to do some prep work.

Safety first

It wouldn’t be a family trip without your dog. However, you also have to consider that some animals are not suited to travel due to physical impairment, illness or temperament.

If you believe it is best for your pet to accompany you instead of leaving him at home, then you might want to talk to your veterinarian first before the said trip. You need to keep your pet as comfortable as possible while he’s away from home.

Withhold food

If your pet is prone to motion sickness, be sure not to feed him before the trip. What you can do is to quench his thirst with bottled or tap water. This will reduce the risk of your pet developing an upset stomach. You can also ask your veterinarian for anti-nausea medications to help address the problem.

Prepare the carrier

If your dog is used to sleeping with you in the bed, chances are good that he’ll feel cold and lonely if placed inside a crate. You need to prepare them for the long journey and let them get used to the crate.

You should start the training your dog a few weeks before the trip. Give them time to get used to being in the carrier. Also, make sure that the carrier is big enough, allowing them to stand and move around without bumping their head.


Make sure that your dog has an identification tag that includes your pet’s name, your address and your phone number. In the event that your dog gets away from you on your trip, this increases the chance of recovery.



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