Incredible Things Your Dog Can Sense About You


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind those adorable dog eyes, wet snout and slobbery smile?

Dogs are incredibly intuitive and have the ability to sense changes in the world around them. Some owners would tell you that they have sixth sense as they have the ability to understand how their owners are feeling emotionally, and even physically.

Here are 4 incredible things your dog can sense about you.

They know if you’re scared

Your dog will pick up on the fact that you are acting frightened. Depending on the breed, some will be just as afraid as you; while others may react by trying to protect you. If you want to alleviate your dog’s fear, you need to alleviate your own first.

They can sense when you’re sad

A dog’s master is the center of his world. He will quietly observe you from a far corner of a room and can sense immediately when you’re sad. This will have an effect on him too. After a while, you may notice that he’s refusing his food or losing interest in his toys.

Most dogs will come over and rest his head in your lap. Some would even lick your tears as they fall.

They know when you’re being unfair

If there are multiple pets in the house, your dog can tell if you are being unfair. They know if you’re giving one dog more treats or if you’re spending more time with the others. Dogs get affected by it, even if it’s not very apparent. In some cases, they may feel depressed or neglected.

They can sense your intentions

Pet owners would agree that dogs can predict when something bad is going to happen. He knows that you’re planning to give him a bath even before you turn on the shower. They can also tell if your intentions are pure or evil.

According to a study that was published in Learn & Behavior in 2012, dogs can read one’s intention by reading a person’s behavior. Researchers suggest that dogs establish eye contact to determine what you’re thinking of and if your intentions are good or bad.

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