Fun Games to Play With Your Dog


Tired of playing fetch? Maybe your dog feels the same way too. The truth is, not every dog enjoys this game. Some would rather dig a hole, learn new tricks or track interesting smells.

Some owners find it difficult to find new games with their pet. If you would like some suggestions on how to have fun with your dog while keeping him engaged physically and mentally, keep reading. Here are some fun games you can play with your dog. Let loose and play!

Play with water

This is a great outdoor game that also includes keeping cool on a hot day. While some dogs are afraid of water, most dogs love it once they get in.

Take your pooch to a dog-friendly beach or lake. You can play fetch, but this time, throw the toy into the water. Water-loving breeds will certainly have fun playing this game. You can also swim with your dog if you want to.

Obstacle course

Set up an obstacle course for your dog and help him navigate each course. You can make it as challenging as you want, but be sure to tailor it to your dog’s physical activity. Your goal is to have fun, not to punish the dog. Don’t forget to reward him with lots of praise and treats each time he gets through the obstacle course.

Use bubbles

Just like kids, dogs love bubbles too. They enjoy observing, chasing and snapping at bubbles. Plus, it mimics the predatory behavior such as preying on small animals like bugs or birds. If you are to play this game with your dog, be sure to use non-toxic bubbles as they might accidentally ingest it or it might get into their eyes.

Hide and seek

This game isn’t just for kids, your pup can partake in the fun too. Start by getting your dog’s favorite toy or some tasty treats. Then, ask him to stay put while you find a good hiding spot. Make sure he can’t see you. Call your dog once you’re in your hiding place. Feel free to give him vocal clues if he needs help. Reward him with treats and praises once he finds you.




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