Reasons Why You Should Foster a Dog


When you foster a dog, you are saving a life. If you wish to make an impact on homeless animals, fostering might be the right option for you.

Welcoming a dog to your home is a truly rewarding experience. As a foster guardian, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home, give him attention, care and love until he gets adopted.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a foster parent.

You are saving a dog’s life

Most rescue centers have limited space and are dependent on volunteers to provide temporary home to dogs. As a result, most these centers can no longer take in more animals since they are already full. By being a foster guardian, you can save another homeless animal.

By welcoming a dog into your home, you are saving them from the pound and possible death.

You increase the dog’s chance of being adopted

Fostering a dog gives him an opportunity to live in a home environment and socialize with humans. It’s a step towards preparing him for its future home.

Temporarily adopting a dog includes the responsibility of house training and teaching him how to behave appropriately, making him more appealing to other families.

Welcome a new family member

Fostering may be a temporary setup but once you get attached, you may realize that the dog you’re fostering is a perfect fit for your family. Fostering is a great opportunity to meet that special pet that can be newest addition to your family. Talk about win-win.

Satisfying experience

It might be sad to let go of the dog you rescued once he finds his forever home, but you’ll be more than satisfied to see him move to his new home. If you love dogs, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a homeless animal.


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