How to Keep Your Dogs Smelling Fresh In Between Baths


Dog odor doesn’t top the list of people’s favorite scent. You might get used to the smell of your pup, but the smell can be overwhelming, especially for people who are only accustomed to the scent of freshly bathed humans. No matter how cute or adorable your dog is, people won’t enjoy the company of a smelly dog.

If you are tired of your dog stinking, follow these tips to keep your dog smelling clean and fresh in between baths.

Feed quality dog foods

One thing that can make a big difference in the smell of your dog is its diet. To improve the smell of your dog, you need to feed him with high quality dog foods.

You can also add some fresh fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet. He may not eat it at first, but will eventually start eating it if you keep adding it to his food regularly.

Baby wipes

While dog wipes are available at pet stores, baby wipes are a great alternative. Not only is it easy to find, it’s also gentle enough for your dog’s skin.

Wiping your dog’s fur with baby wipes is one of the easiest ways to keep your dog smelling fresh in between baths. You can also use it to wipe your dogs smelly bun and muddy paws.

Dry thoroughly

Dogs don’t care what they smell like. Some would roll out in the foulest smelling stuff they find just for fun.

If your dog is fond of getting wet, make sure to dry him thoroughly afterwards. This is especially important if your dog has a long, thick coat. If left damp for a long period of time, fungus and molds may start to grow. This is definitely a recipe for a smelly dog.

Use cornstarch or baking soda as a dry shampoo

For pet owners, cornstarch and baking soda can come in handy as it can address a number of pet predicaments like itching, toe nail bleeding and removing dog smell.

Simply apply a small handful of baking soda or cornstarch directly onto the dog’s coat and gently massage it using a towel. It works just like a dry shampoo.



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