Teaching Your Dog to Play Fetch


Fetch is a fun game to play with dogs.  You throw a toy or a ball and have your dog chase it and bring it back to you.

While some dogs do it naturally, some need to be trained to do it. Plenty of dogs like to chase the ball but won’t bring it back. Some would give you a confused expression, wondering why you’re throwing the ball repeatedly.

The tease

Once your dog learns to chase after the ball, try to hold him back by the collar as you throw it. Tempt the dog for a few seconds until you see that she’s eager to go after the ball. This will make her more enthusiastic about going after the ball. Now, throw the ball as you let go of her collar and give her a signal to run after the ball.

Call the dog back

If you can’t get your dog to bring the ball back to you, then you’re not playing fetch. You’re just playing chase.

If your dog comes back slow and lacking enthusiasm, call him and run away from him. Speak in a happy voice and encourage your dog to come back to you. This should make her eager to catch up to you.  Mind you, dogs love to chase and she won’t be able to resist running after you. Repeat this a few times a day until the dog comes back faster.

Ask the dog to drop the ball

Now that your dog has come back, teach her to drop the ball. Motion downwards and touch your hand on the ground. Give her a treat once she drops the ball.

Some dogs refuse to let go of the ball. In this case, you need to use treats to urge her to listen. If the dog refuses to drop the ball, show her some treats. Of course, she’ll need to let go of the ball in order to get the treats. Make sure to give your dog a treat when the ball gets delivered directly to you.


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