How to Deal with Excessive Barking


Barking is one type of vocal communication that dogs use. If you have a dog, expect some barking in your home. But this becomes a problem when your furry best friend starts barking excessively.

As the pack leader, it is your responsibility to step in and deal with the situation. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to stop excessive barking. Here are some of them.

Play fetch

Of course, dogs cannot bark when they are carrying something. So, if you want to keep your dogs’ mouth shut, then a game of fetch would help.

Throw a toy and ask him to retrieve it. Be sure not to use this strategy, though, when the barking is in progress as the dog might consider the toy as a reward for barking.

Create distractions

Sometimes, you need a distraction in order to break the concentration on the barking. Unfortunately, a verbal command does not work in this situation. What you need is a loud noise that would distract or startle him.

A can with coins or pebbles in it, a piece of chain or a bean bag can provide the interruption. When the dog barks, drop this object in front of him and act as if it came out of nowhere. Make sure that the dog does not see you when you drop or throw these objects. You want him to think that the barking creates the occurrence. Now, he would think that the unpleasant noise would come off every time he barks or continues unnecessarily.

Stay calm

Yes, excessive barking can be irritating. But you won’t be able to control your dog if you are frustrated.

If you are frustrated, your dog will be too. Plus, it may sound like you’re barking along with him, and that would encourage him to bark more.

Keep your dog tired

Excessive barking is often the result of pent-up energy. So, make sure that your dog is getting sufficient amount of exercise every day. You can also provide some mental challenges such as simple obedience games, agility training and herding.

Challenge your dog physically and mentally. This way, he is less likely to bark out of boredom or loneliness.


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