The Magic of “My Dog Has Covid,” The Phrase That Puts Pushy People on Pause!


As a dog trainer, I’ve experienced it all – the unwanted attention, the invasive strangers, and the constant interruptions during training sessions. 

There are many reasons why you would not want strangers rushing up to you and your dog. Your dog could be

    1. Young 
    2. Reactive
    3. Scared
    4. Aggressive
    5. In training 

It is so hard to advocate for my dogs and not seem rude to the public.

But I’ve discovered the ultimate solution: “My dog has Covid!”

Are you tired of strangers and their dogs invading your personal space? Do you want to create an invisible force field around you and your furry friend? This simple phrase is the answer!

With “My dog has Covid,” you’ll no longer have to deal with:

    • Overly friendly strangers who think it’s okay to pet your dog without permission
    • Off-leash dogs running up to yours
    • Kids jumping on your dog
    • Unsolicited dog advice from self-proclaimed experts

This magic phrase creates a 6-foot bubble of respect around you and your dog, thanks to the universally understood power of social distancing. No more arguments, reasoning, or bribing—just a simple, effective way to keep everyone safe and happy.

So, remember: when in doubt, “My dog has Covid!” Share this secret with your fellow dog owners and let’s keep our furry friends safe and respected.

Watch the video to learn more and share with your fellow dog lovers!

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Imagine a world where: Your dog listens to you. The first time every time. Even around distractions.

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