Things You Can do to Extend the Life of Your Dog


Every pet owner wants their pet to have a long and healthy life; which is why you should give them a certain level of care.

Science seems to agree with this notion. One study revealed that a dog’s life span can potentially be extended by as much as 15%, given that the dog is in top shape. This week, we have compiled some great tips to help keep your dogs healthy and hopefully keep their tails wagging deep into old age.

Dental hygiene

Tooth decay is a fairly common, yet dangerous health condition for dogs. Aside from the obvious dental problems, tooth decay is usually the root of infections. Worse, it could get into their bloodstream, heart and kidneys.

While dogs are not expected to have pearly white teeth and fresh breath, you have to keep their teeth and gums clean. Brush their teeth at least a couple of times a week. Keep in mind, though, that human toothpaste should not be used as it can be harmful to the dogs.

Proper diet

Health begins in the kitchen. To improve your beloved pet’s overall health and increase their longevity, you have to feed them with fresh, healthful, preservative-free foods.

Portion control is also important. Keep track of how much you feed your dog and keep them at a healthy weight.

Routine veterinary examinations

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say. One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to make sure he gets regular checkups with the veterinarian.

Regular checkups are beneficial so as to allow the veterinarian to detect health problems and disease early on. It’s all about taking preventive measures.

Regular exercise

Unfortunately, the obesity crisis has affected the animals as well. Dogs need at least an hour of exercise a day to regulate their weight and improve their health.

In addition to the regular walks you take them, it would be a good idea to allow them to go outside and run for a while.

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