Tips for Dining Out With Your Dog


One of the biggest challenges for pet owners is figuring out where to eat when they are on the road. While it’s not a good idea to leave your dog in the car while you grab a bite, bringing him inside the restaurant may turn any dining experience into a nightmare.

Whether you’re driving across the country or just going out for lunch, there are a lot of things you can do to keep your dog out of trouble while you enjoy your meal. Here are some tips to make dining enjoyable for you, your pet and other patrons in the restaurant.

Wear him out

Never take your dog to a restaurant if he has not had the proper amount of exercise. If your pup is full of energy, he’ll most likely do a lot of barking, prancing and whining. This may cause you to rush your meal or worse, you could be asked to leave.

Keep this from happening by exercising your dog before dining out. Remember, a tired dog is a good dog.

Feed your dog before you dine

Imagine how you would feel if someone brought you to a place with delicious-smelling food and you are prevented from eating. You wouldn’t want that, don’t you?

Be sure to feed them first before taking him out to eat. If they arrive with a full belly, they are less likely to wander off in search of a snack.

Bring distractions

Some restaurants will provide your dog with a water dish, but don’t count on it. Be sure to bring water and food bowls if your dog will be eating with you. Also, don’t forget to bring along a bone to chew on or a toy they love. This will keep them distracted and behave while you finish your meal.

Choose a dog-friendly establishment

More and more businesses throughout the country are recognizing the fact that our dogs are family. In fact, some restaurants have outdoor seating areas where people can dine with their beloved pets.

Some pet-friendly establishments only have certain times when dogs are welcome. So it is best to call ahead to confirm that your dog is welcome.

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