Warning Signs of Dog Depression


Just like humans, dogs get depressed too. While pet depression isn’t exactly common, any dog can suffer from depression.

Dogs can become depressed for a number of reasons. Maybe you have brought home a new baby, moved to a new home or another pet at home died. Dogs can’t use words to tell us that they’re feeling sad, but they’ll tell you in subtle ways that they’re not happy.

Here’s how to spot the signs of pet depression.

Appetite changes

Appetite changes are always a telltale sign that there is something wrong with your pet. Some dogs may not be eating as much as they would; while some may fall victim to overeating. There are dogs that use food as a coping mechanism when they are depressed; thus, leading to weight gain.

Personality changes

If you’re dog used to greet you with enthusiasm as you come home from work or school, but the greeting isn’t as effusive today, your dog may be depressed.

You know something is wrong when he stops interacting with you or other dogs in the house.

Less energy

If your dog suddenly loses interest to go out for a walk, play or other things that normally excite him, pay attention. A depressed dog would rather sleep or lie around than engage in activities he used to love.           

Excessive sleeping

You probably know this. Dogs sleep a lot. But you have to keep in mind that dogs only do these when no one is around. If he continues to sleep even after you get home, this is an obvious sign that your dog is depressed.

You may also notice a change in his sleeping pattern. He may sleep only during the day, become nocturnal or choose not to sleep in bed with you.

If you notice any of these changes, it is best to have your dog checked by your vet.

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