Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in Cold Weather



In several parts of the world, winter is a season of numbing, wetness and bitter cold. While some people see it as a fun time to enjoy winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, others regard it as a mere nuisance.

No matter what your viewpoint on winter is, it is important to give your precious pets some extra care this winter. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe during the winter months.

Keep your pets indoors

We may admire our pet’s plush coats, but it does not do a great job in keeping them warm. And if their fur gets wet, it loses much of its insulating ability.

If your dog spends most of his time in the backyard, you might want to keep him inside the house at all times during the winter season. Accompany your dog outside if he needs to get some exercise or to relieve himself. But if you can’t handle the cold, chances are, your dog feels the same too.

Give him lots of food and water

It takes more energy to stay warm in cold weather. So, it is important that you give him more food and water during this time of the year.

Check his water dish from time to time, making sure that the water is fresh and unfrozen. Also, it would be a good idea to use plastic bowls when it’s freezing outside. Otherwise, his tongue might freeze and stick to his metal bowl.

Never leave your pet in the vehicle

Just as leaving your pet in the vehicle during the summer months can be dangerous, cold cars may also pose a threat to your beloved pets. There’s a good chance that your dog might freeze if left in the car even for just a few minutes. It might be best to just leave your dog at home rather than taking him out.

Wipe their paws

Chemical agents that are used to melt ice can be dangerous for your dog. Be sure to wipe off your dog’s paws after taking a walk outdoors. Also, don’t forget to check for any signs of injury such as bleeding or cracked paws.



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