How to Teach Your Dog to Love the Crate


Perhaps you’re moving across the country and you need to put your dog in a crate. Or you have rescued a dog that was never properly house trained. Or maybe he began exhibiting some destructive behavior while you were away at work.

No matter what the reason is, crate training your dog would offer a nice solution to these problems. But you have to do it properly. Otherwise, your furry best friend may start panicking and end up getting hurt.

This week, we’ll give you some tips on how to teach your dog to love the crate. Read on and make your dog understand that it’s a nice and safe place.

Choose the right crate

Treat your dog’s crate like it’s just another resting place. Crates should be large enough to allow the dog to sit, stand and stretch out.

Make it inviting by buying a new blanket or placing his favorite one inside the crate. This will give him an idea that it is a nice place. Leave the door open so as to allow your dog to go inside once he’s ready.

Use treats

Once your dog is standing comfortably inside the crate, place a treat or a food dish inside and allow him to eat while the door is open. Your goal is to make him associate being in the crate with positive feelings. Putting treats, toys and food will help ease his anxiety.

Close the door briefly

The goal of crate training is to get your dog inside the crate, with the door closed. But you should never close the door unless the dog has relaxed. Otherwise, he’ll feel trapped and confined and may eventually cause behavior issues.

Get the dog to go inside the crate on its own. Never push him inside.

Have patience

Crate training an adult dog isn’t going to be easy. This is especially true if your dog has never been put in a crate his entire life. Just keep trying. Your dog will learn to love their crate as their very own den over time.

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