Training Your Dog to Come When Called


Ah, that familiars sight. The dog owner standing in the park calling his dog, “ Bobbie! Come! Get over here, Bobbie!” Meanwhile, Bobbie is busy romping with other dogs or chasing birds.

Most dogs would ignore their owner’s plea. Not because they want to make you look like a fool, but because they never had an incentive to do so. Teaching your dog to come when he’s called is not necessarily easy, but it can be once you know how.

Start indoors

When training your dog, it would be best to start in an area with low distractions. This way, you can be sure that you have your dog’s attention.

If you wish to do it outdoors, we suggest that you use a leash. You can use this to make sure that the dog does not run away from you. However, if the dog does not respond, do not use the leash to pull the dog towards you.

Speak in an upbeat tone

Call your dog in an excited, upbeat tone. The dog has to associate coming to you in with a positive thing. When he comes to you, praise him or give him treats. Make him realize that coming to you is not only good, but awesome.

Also, never call your dog to leash him up at the end of the walk or do something he hates. If you do, the dog might associate the command “come” with negative things.

Use rewards

Practicing recalls with treats will certainly help. Make sure to use treats that are irresistible to your dogs when training. When a dog comes when called, hand him a favorite treat or praise him.

Never run after your dog

As hard as it is to resist running after your dog, do not run after him. The dog may think that you are playing a game with him. Instead, call his name, run away from him and invite him to chase you.

Keep in mind that training requires practice. Repeat the process 2-3 times a daily for at least 2 weeks.


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