4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors


Dogs need their daily exercise, regardless of the weather. Lack of exercise can cause various issues such as increased anxiety and aggression, chewing on valuable items or hyperactive greetings.

On those days when you get stuck inside the house due to bad winter weather or extreme summer heat, you can still give your dog the exercise she needs. Here are some fun activities that would help meet your dog’s exercise needs at the comfort of your home.

Run up and down the stairs

If you have a stairwell, create a game that includes running up and down the stairs. The steps can add an additional challenge to the dog’s workout; thus, allowing her to burn some serious energy.

Start the game with you and your dog at the bottom of the stairs. Make sure that your dog is in a sit-stay position. Now, throw her favorite toy to the top landing and ask her to retrieve the toy as fast as she can. When the dog grabs the toy, call her name and let her come back downstairs at a much slower pace. The dog will most likely be tuckered out after several rounds.

Get your dog on the treadmill

There are treadmills that are specifically designed for dogs. But if it’s out of budget, you can always use a human treadmill.

Place your dog on the treadmill, making sure that it is set on the lowest speed. Stand in front of the treadmill with treats on hand. Give her some treats to keep her on the treadmill. As she gets more comfortable, slowly increase the speed for a more challenging workout.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a great way to exercise your dog’s mind and body. Start by throwing a treat to get her go away from you. Hide somewhere she can’t see you. Give her some vocal clues if she needs helps. Don’t forget to give her treats when she arrives. This is also a great game for reinforcing the “come” command.

Have a doggie play date

The weather outside may not be ideal for playtime, but who says you can’t do it indoors? Consider scheduling a play date with your dog’s friend. But be sure to puppy-proof your house before your dog’s pal arrives. Provide them with some toys to keep them entertained.

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