How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Dogs


Most kids don’t think that an adorable little dog would hurt them. But the vast majority of dog bites occur in children. A huge percentage of these cases require hospitalization. While most patients are often sent home after being treated in the emergency room, some are admitted in the hospital for a few days. The good news is that this can be prevented with proper education.

Take the following tips into consideration to keep your child from getting bitten by a dog.

Establish rules

We often show our love to other people through hugging and kissing. However, dogs don’t like it when we do that. This is a major cause of facial bites in children. Tell your kids not to hug or kiss the dog.

Also, teach them to stay out of the dog’s personal space when eating, sleeping or feeding their puppies. Enforce the idea that the crate or bed is the dog’s personal space. He shouldn’t be bothered when he goes to his bed or crate. Even the sweetest, most laidback dog may snap if startled or provoked.

Keep an eye on your kids

Never leave your child alone with the dog, even for just one second. If you have to get something in the other room or you need to answer the phone, take your child with you. One study revealed that 88% of children who died as a result of a dog attack were unsupervised when it happened.


A hyper dog can be dangerous, especially around children. Be sure to exercise your dog regularly so as to get that extra energy out.

Walk your dog around the neighborhood or bring him to the park. If the weather outside is frightful, you can still exercise at home. Let him walk up and down the stairs or play hide and seek with your dog.


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